Work experience - 9 years 3 months

08.2018 - till now
(1 year 7 months)

Full Stack Developer (Javascript)

Frontend: Contol Panels, PWA, widgets, frontend applications
Backend: filemanager, rest api, nodejs (mongodb+postgres), bash, cron
Skills: react (redux, saga) , nodejs, rabbitmq, pwa, mongodb, express

02.2016 - 01.2018
(2 years)

Web Developer

CMS S3. Creation of sites, online stores on the multifunctional site management system CMS S3. Improvement, optimization of private projects. Decision making, teamwork Stack of technologies: PHP 7, Javascript, sphinxsearch, redis, html5, css3, git, svn

04.2014 - 09.2015
(1 year 5 months)

Web Developer

Development, improvement and support of sites.
programming backend and frontend on Php using yii, yii2 framework.
Javascript - Jquery. Databases mysql, redis.
Setting up and installing a virtual server nginx, apache2, using search technologies sphinx.
Caching data, optimizing code, querying. Teamwork, using Git version control.

04.2011 - 08.2013
(2 year 4 months)

Web Developer

Development of a network of sites for the branches of the enterprise.
Tech support for users and site administrators.
Programming web sites in PHP with Joomla CMS
work with JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, Mysql

10.2009 - 04.2011
(1 year 6 months)

Delphi Developer

Development of applications for Windows in the Delphi environment (Client - server applications) Development crm for document (Web interface, PHP, Javascript, Ajax) SQL, Mysql databases, MS SQL SERVER 2005 0.0.2 built with Next.js & Nextjs-starter.© 2020.