My name is Albert Safiullin

I am a software developer, since 2009.
2009 - Paskal, Deplhi IDE
2010 - Web development, php, js, html5, joomla CMS
2014 - Web development, php, js, html5, Yii framework, jQuery, golang, java, kotlin, android
2018 - Fullstack web development, only js, nodejs, react, redux, JS, TS, rest api, microservices, agile
2020 - Frontend developer, big tech, js, nodejs, react, JS, TS, agile
2023 - Sr Frontend developer, big tech, js, nodejs, react, JS, TS, agile, webpack, module federation, mentoring, dream team
2024 - Moved to Bangkok =)

My work is open source and publicly available
on GitHub   Follow @albertincx

1. InstantView Bot - comfortable reading any web articles in telegram.
40 000+ users use this bot Statistics now is Open!   Star

2. - learn any languages by subtitles, improve your pronunciation with AI Speech   Star

3. RouteCab Bot - organize your regular routes with neighbors in telegram,
ride together web client ( in development)   Star

4. InstantChat Bot - create free support chat for your website, or p2p in telegram

5. browser-extension-makeMobileView - make any website to mobile view, works only in mobile mode WebStore Extension Url Star

6. percentize - percentize your numbers =) npm package Star

7. Offline Timer - Timer, works offline with countdown
Github repo here Star

My personal blog

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