My name is Albert Safiullin, I am developer from Russia.
: safiullin
: albert_inc2
: Russia, St.Petersburg

Experience in web development

19 months
Software Engineer
Development of applications in Delphi for working with MS SQL database SERVER 2005 Support for internal web service in PHP 4 (work with documents)
Skills: delphi, php4, css3, html, html5, javascript, mysql, cms Joomla v1.5
Achievements: html5 canvas signining documents
29 months
Web Programmer
I worked with Joomla v1.5 sites, Joomla Framework v1.5
Skills: php5, linux, mysql
Achievements: one folder for admin panel for many sites
18 months
Web developer
Development and support, updating of sites on Yii, Yii2 Framework
Skills: Yii, Yii2 Framework, redis, sphinxsearch, nginx, apache2
Achievements: jquery plugin, callback manager
24 months
Web developer
Development and support, updating of sites on CMS S3
Skills: php7, redis, sphinxsearch, CMS S3, apache2
Achievements: docker development environment

Experience in mobile development

6 months
Android, golang - developer
I was found a startup's team and I began to participate in Travelmap project for free. I worked as a Android application in Java. I had expirience with SQLlite and Java core. Also I wrote a rest-api server on golang instead of PHP.
Achievements: fast created go api server, chat in app
1 month
I wrote a couple of bots on golang for telegram messenger
End 2017
Android-developer, Kotlin
Now I decided to do android development. I was starting actively gaining experience in android development with Kotlin when I was in ByTheWay team. It was not so big project. We have five screens, offline mode, push notifications, firebase datastore, sign in via google account, google maps and good design.
Skills: android, kotlin, firebase, rxJava, dagger2, unit tests, ui tests, clean architecture, nodejs